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“After knowing the growing background of plants, I found that every plant is like a person, and after making essential oil, it can also give us strength.”

- Amy

“The current urban life, no matter what industry modern people are in, in fact, the physical and mental pressure is huge. At this time, aromatherapy is a very good help, and it is a tool of “you can help yourself”.”

- Richard

"Sleep healing essential oil is really super magical. Wipe it according to the method before going to bed, and finally smell it. The whole person feels relaxed. Sleepiness comes right away, and sleeps unconsciously. Besides, it's deep sleep. It's not easy to wake up as usual. So I need to buy another two bottles. Insomnia is too painful"

- Emily

About Ci'Orip


Inviting Nature into Our Lives

As more and more beauty products add many inclusions for various reasons, beauty will actually become more and more out of reach.

So we decided to choose subtraction, with the simplest and most effective criteria, thinking about what is the most helpful for skin care

Ci'Orip takes the concept of simplicity, naturalness and ultimate beauty, applies the knowledge in medical related fields, and works together with non-toxic planting and plant extract experts and pharmaceutical-grade biochemical doctors. After more than three years, it has repeatedly tested and retained plant extracts The exclusive technology of maximum nutrition has improved the shortcomings of traditional and most of the hydrosols, becoming the pioneer of hydrosols and essential oil maintenance products, redefining the pursuit of beauty.

Products: Facial Mask, Essential Oil, Hydrosols

Your Life Can Be Better


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